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Competitions were awards by AL-Zyoud automatic olive oil mill

Reshaping the Future of Olive Oil

Out of our own need to produce premium quality nutritious products and the passion to share them with others, we dedicate care and love to bring to our customers the best quality possible in various local varieties of Jordan extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) using strict farming methods prescribed by the best practices manufacturing requirements.

Produce premium quality nutritious products and the passion to share them with others

What We Provide 


Olive Farming

230 Donum located at Al Azraq (Al Zarqaa Governate),The farm used for Olive production using various irrigation systems as it is supporting irrigation farming.


Palm, grape and pomegranate Trees

Dates are one of the most important products of the farm that is known for its high quality


Products Processing & Packing

Al Zyoud farm tends to process farm products in the process of value additionto the farm produce, whereby;

• Olives areprocessedinto Extra Virgin olive oi

• Dates are also packedinto finest of Jordanian products


Formal, informal Training & extension services

Alzyoud farm facilitate links to both formal and Informal training as well as extensionservices specifically to esteemed customers who purchaseday old chicks from the company and contracted farmers. These customers are treated as potential futuresuppliers of eggs to the company.

The training involves

• Good olive planting practices

• Harvesting best practices

• Handling best practices

• Irrigation best practices

• Growth management


Products Marketing

Al Zyoud invest on securing a reliable market for the products produced within the farm as well as those products produced by out growers. logistics and products transportation.

Alzyoud manages the storage and transportation of fruits produced for processing and value addition.

AL-Zyoud automatic olive oil mill major priority is the development of innovative production methods with emphasis on the variety of the olive fruit and the stage of ripeness. These two factors affect the quality of olive oil and eventually of all products based on it. Olive oil coming from different olive fruit variety gives different taste, aroma and flavour.

Development of innovative production methods

Our Products










Agriculture is a people business. The company strives to connect small farmers in the industry to shareknowledge, resources and grow together. Therefore we encourage partnership, volunteerism, and mentorship among the stakeholders along the value chain of our products.



The company focuses on to serve Individuals in the general community. The effort is through the creation of a reliable market with high-quality farm products that create satisfaction to both the consumers and small-scale farmers.


Training & Development

Agriculture is constantly evolving, and we want to meet the challenges of a changing world by promoting Continual education and training to build on our talents and develop new skills on the best use of available resources among the members of company’s valuechain.

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